Friday, 19 October 2012

What an EXCITING day!!!

Hallo my friends!! Yesterday was one of the most exciting days I've had in ages. The good things just kept on coming!! Firstly I was woken up at the crack of dawn by our post lady (who has seen my dressing gown and bed hair on several occasions now) with a special delivery for me. A long awaited and much anticipated delivery- although I had almost forgotten about it!

These gorgeous light catchers!! I came across then on a website called Louise Thompson Designs (or Noo Noo Art) when I was looking for inspiration for my hand painted glasses. Before I knew it they had jumped into an online basket and were on order! It's taken them two weeks to get here but I am thrilled to bits with them!

They make a really lovely addition to my room- and if you like the designs you can buy them yourselves, although as they are all hand drawn and painted there will be slight differences to make them personal and unique. (You can even request a different coloured cat!!)

In other fantastically exciting news- my Christmas Cactus (bought from Morrisons last year) is going to flower again!!! It is budding and sprouting like mad so obviously likes its position on the mantelpiece. I don't think my lovely Amaryllis plant is too convinced by my bedroom this year, it seems a bit unhappy and leaves keep yellowing and falling off so if anyone has any tips they would be gratefully received.

And finally, in the most exciting news of all.....I am now the proud owner of a 9 week old hammy!! He has been advertised along with two siblings on a Leicester pet re homing page for ages and I kept looking at the ad. Finally I could stand it no longer, contacted the lady and found myself marching off with Lucy to find the owner's house (we got lost on several occasions because Google maps got its exits on roundabouts mixed up and we ended up going completely the wrong way for a good half hour!!). I also managed to convince another housemate that she should buy one of the other siblings- then the lady is going to keep the final one- so we ended up bringing home two little hamsters from the same litter. They are both utterly gorgeous!!

This is my little Milo. Isn't he sweet? Absolutely tiny at the moment, he still has lots of growing to do!! And he's a bit shy when you go to pick him up, but loves cuddles and is quite happy to sit in your hand.

Most of his hamster toys were bought quite cheaply from a local pet shop or from Wilkos. The box is huge and all you have to do is drill air holes in the lid. Peasy! And much cheaper than buying a posh cage. He loves his little 99p store 'bath' full of chinchilla sand too!

Housemate Laura bought his sister, who is currently still unnamed but the prettiest champagne/cream colour. (Strangely she is also about twice the size of my little man)

So we now have five hamsters in the house, and a dedicated hamster room to keep them all in! I think we are all a little bit bonkers!!

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