Monday, 29 July 2013

Bumble Bee Biscuits

Goodness, it has taken me an absolute age to write this post!! We seem to be having troubles with our Internet (again!) and everything moves at a snails pace- if you are lucky. Anyway, we are here now and I hope you have all had good days? I have had a reasonably lovely one which involved lots of cooking and baking, but more on that later.
These Yellow ATCs are one of the most recent sets, whipped up yesterday in a frenzy because I was reminded that the deadline was in a few days. I do love mini patchwork!

We found out our colour for next month too so I made the purple ones at the same time to save on postage costs. (Every little helps!) Can't wait to get my returns back!!

On to the baking extravaganza!!! I was multitasking like a pro with this, juggling red velvet cake (above) with iced biscuits and a chicken and vegetable lasagna. The biscuits and lasagna were inspired by a Sainsburys booklet thing that Dad picked up the other day. The red velvet cake was a packet mix on offer in Morrisons (I don't pretend I'm a brilliant cook- quite happy to utilise the packet mix aisle!).
There were slight issues in tin sizes though so the cake ended up being a little, well, flatter than one anticipated! Note to self: must buy more regular sized cake tins. It is delicious though!

So in the children's section of the Sainsburys booklet there was a recipe for flower and bee biscuits which totally caught my imagination!! I doubled the recipe and got quite carried away with cutting out the shapes and arranging jelly beans.

I thought there were specific bee cookie cutter shapes, turns out the bees have a little secret! They are actually teardrop shaped cutter bodies with little heart wings!! I didn't have a teardrop shape but I did have a larger heart so I cut the hearts in half and shaped with my fingers. Worked just as well and they are so cute after being iced!!

I don't think my little biscuit creations will last very long!!

I just wanted to add a big thank you to all the lovely people who have been joining in with my free giveaway. Most of you have been participating through facebook, but I've noticed a few new followers which made me squeal out loud in excitement. Welcome to all you newbies!! xxx

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