Saturday, 20 July 2013

My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday!! (21st if you wanted to know.) The weather was glorious and Dad took the day off work so I wouldn't be home alone. We drove to Lewes and had a wander, I came across these beautiful gladioli in Tesco and decided to treat myself. It was my birthday after all!! (When taking this photo I didn't realise the brown bin was nicely centred- have any of you been introduced to the new bin system? It's so confusing!!)

At lunchtime we drove to Firle Beacon for a picnic and every time I go I can't help but take photos of the view!! It seems to slightly change every time depending on the weather, sometimes it is really clear all the way across the valley and other times the clouds mask the tops of the hills so you can't see much. (Check out previous posts here and here to see what I mean.)

This time it was really clear and you could see everything in crisp detail.

In the evening I had a family party- another picnic!- on Ashdown Forest. It was a lovely place to set up camp with tables and chairs, a great sandwich spread and birthday cake, complete with unlit candle (it was so windy the candle wouldn't stay lit so I had to pretend to blow it out!!).

Oooo, what is this casting a silhouette on the party?...

...Fred the owl!!! One of my favourite presents for the garden. Isn't he cute?

It was really lovely watching the setting sun go down behind these trees, dappled light filtering through the swaying branches. Another of my presents was a flamingo wind chime which we hung up on a branch to provide musical entertainment for the rest of the evening.

A lovely end to a lovely birthday. xxxx

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  1. Belated birthday wishes to you and looks like you had a fun day, gorgeous cake and love the owl.