Friday, 26 July 2013

Mosaic Plate ♥

For my birthday party with friends, I chose to go to Glazy Daisy. I badger on about this place constantly and every year make a few more bits and bobs to add to my collection. It just has a wonderful creative atmosphere and encourages even the self advertised 'non crafty' people to have a go at craft. Excitingly, they are moving a few doors down from their current residence to a bigger shop to allow even more people to have a crack at it!!
I have been very inspired by mosaics recently and have just bought the tools necessary to make my own- for now though I thought it would make a fabulous plate pattern, and sketched a design whilst waiting for the bus- I think it's going to turn out rather well! (Fingers crossed anyway!)

The girls all got very crafty; Heather painted an oil burner, Amy painted a little penguin sign to go into her new classroom (congrats again on your new teacher-ship!!), Katie painted a lovely heart decoration for her Mum and Emma was inspired to make her own mosaic plate. The dinosaurs below were painted by Izzie- full of life and character!

I get to see my plate in all it's glory next Thursday when we are going back to GD for another go- maybe another mosaic plate too!!

Not only did I have a fab time painting my own pottery, but due to the big move, there was a sale table of previous display items painted by the very talented GD staff. I totally fell in love with this vase, the intricacy and detail in it is absolutely amazing (and it was only £7.50!!!) so it came home with me.

And when I haven't been painting and dribbling over pottery, I have been hard at work framing my stitched embroidery pieces. What do you think?


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  1. Your embroidery frames are lovely and as for the vase what a bargain that was at 7.50