Friday, 4 October 2013

First Week In!

Hello my Lovelies!!! Good afternoon to you all. Look who popped into our garden earlier this week to say hello, isn't he (she) beautiful? The garden is a bit of a tangled mess after being let loose over the summer holidays, but there are some gorgeous plants in it!!

So I have now finished the first week of uni and it has been exhausting!!! I have been in the studio 9 'til 5ish every day and got quite a bit of work done. I do love my new studio space (the desk even has drawers!!) so have filled it with all sorts of bits and bobs. I think my favourite thing is my sequin poppies.

I just think they are so pretty. They are made with sequin tape from Josy Rose, basically this is the tape before the sequins are punched into it, so you can cut it into your own shapes. It comes in a roll and you can keep them flat or if you add heat to them you can manipulate into curls or other shapes.

So for these flowers, I cut 5 petal shapes, stitched them onto a cotton fabric and filled in French knots centres...

... then attacked them with a heat gun!!

(And I have now ordered lots more sequin tape in a variety of colours..... it's difficult not to!!)

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