Saturday, 12 October 2013

Beginning the Christmas Project

A very good afternoon to you my lovelies!!! A few cool things have arrived on my doorstep- what do you think of the Filofax I bought? I have been feeling a bit unorganised and stressed recently so this is part of my new aim to be super duper organised and less stressed. I love the random shapes and colours!!

I ordered lots more sequin tape from Josy Rose which arrived this morning. Lots and lots to play with, although I have a feeling that I will need to order more colours as my colour palette for the uni project has changed slightly and there are lots more pinks/purples/inky greys etc.

Excitingly there was also a free gift in my package, this really cool ribbon stuff- go on, take a closer look!

I have begun working on the Christmas project for my ATC group. We are making 4 houses within a certain size frame that can be any shape you like. They don't have to be literal houses but you know me, I like my literal things. The idea is to send away 4 and get 4 back that you then stitch together in a long accordion like line to make a little Christmas street!!! You can make the street as long as you like by adding more of your own- I might do that as I really like my little houses.

The shape of the house will fully appear when I stitch on a cardboard back and cut them out- I am looking forwards to it!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love your Filofax. Where did you get it from?
    Keep going with the house, they are looking gorgeous.
    Love Mum x