Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fun With Fabrics

Yo Dudes!! 'Sup? How are we all this evening? I have spent the last two days in the studio playing with fabrics and techniques. I have discovered a bonding film which is kind of like bondaweb except it looks like a thick cling-film, and have been bonding all sorts of things! My current favourite is bonding sequin tape to various fabrics as it means I can melt and distort the fabrics and they will stay in whatever position I put them in when the sequin tape cools and hardens.

The centre of the shape below is a looped and couched wool which I have melted with a heat gun. The wool kind of shrivels in on itself and when it burns, goes yellow(!) -which I thought looked like a sprinkling of pollen so I am happy with that technique.

See the peachy centre of these flower-like shapes? This is an example of the bonding between sequin tape and silk dupion, the other colours/fabrics  are just free flowing.

On another piece I have started experimenting with centres and shapes that haven't been structured. I think I prefer the structured shapes though.

This is a bit of a jumbled sampler, with pistil stitches, frilly bits and silk rose type shapes. I think I like my more organic shapes more as they have more texture in. What do you think?

Now all I need to do is start working on the backgrounds and bringing back in my landscapes. I think Photoshop can help here!! I have also started playing with bleaching lots of different fabrics; currently in the washing machine there are lots of different fabrics which were being bleached this afternoon. My purple velvet has gone a rather vivid orange!!! I will show you that when I have done something with it.

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