Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Birthday Mosaic

It was my birthday at the weekend (22!!), and one of my presents was this fab mosaic tray kit. I couldn't wait to get started and began almost as soon as I got it home!!

You had to draw out the template using carbon paper onto the tray, and then again onto a double sided sticky sheet, before cutting up the individual sections and matching them with the tray.

Then you can work section by section, cool huh. I used the sharp bit in a pair of little long nosed pliers to cut the squares into shape. I would have used proper snips except I couldn't find them!

Oo, time for a snack I think. Birthday cake anyone?

End of the first day mosaic-ing, and the first evening in a while that we haven't had any storms!!! As I was shutting up for bed I noticed this really lovely spiders web, all lit up by the outside lights. Isn't it pretty?

So anyway, day two of mosaic making and it's getting exciting!! I've finished all of the 'arms' and have started on the blue bits!

It takes a long time and a lot of concentration to make a mosaic I have found, and it was very quickly evening again when I finally finished putting all of the bits in.

Adding the grout...

And after a quick polish this morning, I have finished!!

I am planning on painting the wood as some of the carbon paper rubbed off on it and there are bits of grout on the sides. What colour do you think I should paint it? Keep it clean and white, or go a bit more adventurous with one of the tile colours?
I will probably have to work around the cat again, who's favourite place to sit is currently the kitchen table, regardless of who else is using it or how much is on there!

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