Thursday, 24 July 2014

Seaside Stitchery

Afternoon All!! How's it going? It is super sUpEr hot here in the UK, nearly 30 °C!!! Even in the shade- phew! It is too hot for anything strenuous so I have been catching up on my ATCs. The top one is a seaside themed postcard for Wendy, I just love the little fishies!

These are for the sequin ATC swap. I wasn't sure about the bead chain on either side of the top card, so I didn't put it on the other two. What do you think?
It is a little disappointing with the MixedMediaGroup_UK group at the moment, there aren't very many people participating in the swaps, probably a core four or five people trying to keep things going. When I first joined there were over 80 members with a lot of activity and multiple swaps a month, recently the numbers have dwindled to 35, and most of those are inactive. We still get a few people joining every now and then, although they seem to prefer to watch what's happening rather than joining in. So please, if you love making little things, and receiving little packages of handmade goodies from like minded, talented people, please please join our group and start swapping today!! It would be so lovely to see you there. It would be such a shame if the group were to stop swapping, there are lots of really fantastic people creating things together, I have even met one of them in person (Hi Paula!). Haha, sales pitch over!

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