Thursday, 10 July 2014

Blushing Gladioli

Our weather luck has run out, and it has been steadily raining all day. I wouldn't have minded as I quite like rain, but I had to walk into town and had that clothing dilemma- you know the one where it is pouring outside so you feel the need to cover up and wear coats, but it is still boiling hot and you end up regretting covering up and wearing coats. Sometimes I feel like we should just accept that this is what happens and all go to town in our swimming costumes.....or maybe not.

Back home I quickly made up the batter for a ginger cake which is now gently rising and baking in the oven, the smell is delicious!! And I plan to have a crack at the no knead bread recipe that has been bouncing around blogville recently (the Attic24 post about it is here) this afternoon.

Whilst I am waiting for the cake to bake though, I am sat in the kitchen with the door cracked open just enough to hear the pitter patter of rain droplets (love that sound, does anyone else sometimes take an umbrella in to the garden to listen to the rain?). It has knocked all of the sunshine out of the sunflower which is sad, but I treated myself to some reduced Gladioli on my foray into town earlier.

The light for the photos is awful, but the flowers are a lovely soft cream, with hints of blush pink at the edges. Really sweet.

And I have been working on my current stitchy project. Those who follow Dotty Textiles on Facebook will know all about this current work, as I drew it up the other night and my fabulous followers voted for me to start this one first. I am hoping to finish it today, although might not photograph it until the light is better so watch this space! (The pattern for it will be turned into a PDF and should be available to purchase on Etsy in the near future.)

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