Monday, 14 July 2014

Graduation Weekend!

Well!!! Myself, Elvis and The Family have had a very interesting last few days!! We drove up to Leicester on Sunday morning and settled into our hotel. It was very nice although the view wasn't amazing- you could just about see the Empire church peeping over the rooftops.

Elvis and I had our own room which was lovely. After a family meal we settled down together for some crochet and CSI. Mentally preparing ourselves for the day ahead!

 This morning we all had to get up incredibly early as it was...


It all reminded me very much of Harry Potter, with the long flowing robes. I was imagining whipping out a wand and casting spells at people (nice ones, obviously). 

The photos were plentiful and there was so much smiling for the camera I seem to have hurt my jaw!!
The ceremony itself was very theatrical (well, it was in a theatre). There were curtains and dramatic music, lines of VIPs in their golden robes, a big red chair with Dumbledore in... Tee hee, maybe not Dumbledore exactly but the Chancellor did sound a lot like him and does seem to be attempting the beard! There was a great moment at the beginning when the VIPs were all on stage and the parents were just wondering where all of the graduates were, and the wall between us and them was lifted to reveal us cheering and clapping!!

So there we go. I am a now a fully fledged, official graduate of De Montfort University!!! Sadly I didn't get to keep the cape...uh hum...sorry, ceremonial robes... and hat so can't swish around and do my Hermione impression (unless I make myself a robe....) anymore, but it was a fantastic day that I think everyone enjoyed. Wooo! Go DMU Graduates!! 

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