Monday, 15 September 2014

The Colours Of Monday

We have a very good way of knowing when the change between Summer and Autumn starts to happen...the spiders appear. Sounds strange I know, but as soon as the days become slightly more chilly, hundreds of a particular spider take to the garden and start covering the remaining flowers in giant webs.

Eugh, I'm not a huge spider fan (especially those giant furry brown house spiders! They are just too big), but I do think the Common Garden Spider or, Araneus diadematus (impressive huh?) have very pretty patterns on their overly large backs. And of course when the webs are caught with morning dew, they are very beautiful too.

It was quite a dull start here this morning, although as I look out of the window now it would appear the sun has begun to successfully burn its way through the early morning mist.
There are still enough bright spots in the garden to make me happy though.

I haven't been very well in the last couple of days, having been struck unexpectedly with a nasty cold- the kind that makes you feel as if your head has been stuffed with feathers and your throat rubbed with sandpaper. It did make me decide to experiment with a hot toddy (of which there are many varieties of the recipe on the Internet) which has become one of my new favourite drinks!!

I stayed fairly classical (just without the booze and cloves) and have been putting in the juice of about three quarters of a lemon, and two dollops of honey, topped up with boiling water. So delicious!

And it seems that all of the colours on my blog post this Monday morning, have ended up in my hexagon patchwork blanket!

I have now made 37 hexagon 'flowers' which uses up 259 of the hexagon shapes. I did a load more hexagons with some new fabric I found (as well as using some of the old fabric choices to blend the new ones in), and when all laid out I can really see the blanket taking shape!!

So chuffed with this project!

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