Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Ah, there's my gorgeous boy, sniffing in the autumnal breeze. Have you ever wondered how much more cats can smell than humans? No? Just me then. Can you spot a sleeping Ziggy in the flowerbed below?

I'll zoom in slightly for you. Such a cutie pie.

I'm afraid this post is destined to be a jumble of random thoughts and photos that have no flow or connection with each other, hopefully you can keep up with my scatterbrain and I do apologise for the randomness.

Having sat for a while in the garden this morning, I have decided that I am not ready for the trees to be putting on their Autumn clothes, or for brown to become the dominant colour in the garden. I am quite happy with dense green and pops of colour from the last few flowers. I noticed this huge rose in the garden earlier, such a fantastic mottling- would make a lovely paper texture I think.

My beady eyes also noticed this tiny mushroom in a hanging basket. It really is tiny, I had to put the camera right into the bottom of the basket to take the photo.

When not staring into the garden I have spent the day working on a commission that I was sent. It seems to be the thing now for my friends to send me fabric and ask for them to be turned into a cushion or two. (Like the Matilda cushion) This time it was a kind of postal order, in that the fabric was posted to me and I have to post the finished cushion covers back. I can only show you the backs of these cushions as they are destined to be a present for someone and although I'm sure they don't read my blog, you never know if they may decide to check it out. I have taken lots of photos though so I can show you the front when they have been given away.

One present I totally forgot to photograph before wrapping up, was this embroidered hoop that I made for two friends who have just moved into their first flat together. The date is the day they got the keys to their new flat and it became officially theirs. Hopefully it will be something that they can treasure.

And in other stitchery news, I thought I would show you a project The Mother has just started. She will be very surprised to see this on here (an avid reader and supporter is The Mother) which will be fun.

She prefers to follow patterns rather than make up her own, but is as neat as the original design- probably neater!

This is the kit she is currently working from if you are interested in having a look for yourself. You could all have a sew-a-long together!!

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