Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

Afternoon!! I have been a lady of leisure today with a cheeky extra day off. It has been very relaxing and rather lovely to have an extra forty winks in the morning, then to get up and be able to wander outside into the warm, sunshiny garden with a mug of coffee. Spring is most definitely on the way!! As my Grandmother (who is obviously watching too much of the weather channels) said the other day, 'the yellow air has arrived!'

I have been working very hard on my new crochet project, which has definitely turned into a blanket now. It did start out simply as a need to crochet something and then has grown and grown into bigger blocks and bigger blocks, who knows where it will end up!

As I'm using up old oddments of wool, I am bordering the groups of four blocks with white to settle and even out the colours. Anything goes with this project!

Kit has been loving the arrival of the warmer weather. He was working on some poses earlier, staring wistfully up into the sky from his perch on top of some planks. He's got the moody, downwards glance to perfection now as well.

We have some gorgeous new hyacinths blooming on the windowsill. These ones are actually a deep blue, although the photos make them look slightly purplish. They smell divine!

And in the lowering rays of the sun this afternoon, Ziggy snuggled himself into a warm spot by the french doors. Such a cutie pie.

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