Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Elvis Goes To Knaresborough

I couldn't go on holiday without taking Elvis. He actually lives in my bag all of the time, but only pops out on very special occasions so I didn't notice that he has been in the wars and lost an eye until he appeared at the mention of chocolate and beetroot cake at Hardwick Hall! (Which, by the way, he found extremely delicious!)

He was very impressed by Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Gardens. He was absolutely agog at the sheer scale and size of it!

Even the map was bigger than he was!!

A couple of days into the holiday, I decided that he really was looking very scruffy and needed smartening up. As his eye was completely lost to the ether, I thought he would look rather dashing with an eye patch instead, so after breakfast one day I made one for him.

Much better!

In York, outside The Minster.

He came down into Stump Cross Caverns with us as well, although didn't stay out of the bag for very long in case he got dripped on.

After walking around Skipton Castle and Bolton Abbey, little Elvis was in desperate need of a lie down to rest his legs, so whilst we waited for the Parents to wander around the shop, he had a quick forty winks in the grass. Ssssh, he's sleeping....

Boating was much more his style. Sitting back and relaxing with the sound of the oars dipping in and out of the water, the boat gliding across the surface of the river- it was very soothing (and a nice change from climbing steep steps and hillsides!)

Handmade raspberry yoghurt ice cream is always a must after a trip down the river!

Oh no, more hills and climbing!!! Rocks this time at Brimham Rocks.

Luckily we can end the holiday with a nibble on the chocolate tiffin at The Darley Mill Centre. Elvis loves his food and is very keen to share cakes with you!! He had a great holiday too.

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