Monday, 14 September 2015

Camp Blankets

I finally finished stitching all of my waiting badges on to my blanket, including the nine badges we came across on our holiday to Knaresborough. I really love how these little badges can capture so many memories in them- some people have photo albums (so do I actually) to remember things, but I also have my camp blankets which are both practical and pretty.

Unfortunately, I went to visit one of my guiding friends this week and she showed me a really lovely badge celebrating the years of the Queen's reign. I just had to have it and now have several more badges on order which should arrive within a week and will have to be stitched on!!! It's a hobby that never ends. I am planning not to leave it so long before stitching them on this time though- over 50 in one go was quite a challenge.

So now I have one full blanket and one nearly completed camp blanket!!! One day I will sit down and count exactly how many badges I have, but maybe not today- unless you want to do it for me?

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