Thursday, 3 September 2015

Purple Dancing Ladies

Hello All!! I thought you might be interested to see what I got up to on my holiday. I thought for a long time what my holiday project should be but just couldn't come up with anything portable and small enough to travel- until I decided to take this month's ATCs with me!
Whilst rummaging in my box of bits to build up a travel stash, I came across a half finished ATC from when my MixedMedia swapping group were working our way through the alphabet. I can't remember why I decided to make a different card and didn't finish this one but I thought it about time I did.

Purple was definitely the theme of the holiday. My next set of ATCs was based around the theme of purple. I love colour themed ATCs, although seem to follow a pattern of mini patchwork with embroidery- I guess that's just my style.

I also have my continuing 12 Days of Christmas ATC swap. I can't believe we are already on number 9!! This month was Dancing Ladies so I gave the girls some swirly skirts with sparkly beads.

And finally, we have a couple of Purple postcards! I didn't want these to be exactly the same as the ATCs, but had very little to work with from my limited holiday stash. The background is still a patchwork technique but I put more emphasis on embroidery stitches and really love the way the kantha stitches overlap each other with the different thread colours.

When we got back from holiday I had a lovely little envelope waiting for me on the mat. My return card for the Nine Dancing Ladies from the lovely Pat. Another lady with a groovy skirt!

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