Friday, 27 May 2016

Blanket Domination

Yesterday I was doing some tidying up and emptied out a couple of bags of Granny Square featuring blankets that I had used as demonstrations in my classes. Without thinking I just took them out of the bags and bundled them on the floor behind me, folding the bags and putting them away without really looking at the blankets. When I came back to them, I was overwhelmed with a need to see ALL of my blankets bundled up together- what a fun, colourful heap it would make!!!

So I did, spreading out some cloths on the lawn, I ran around the house collecting all of the blankets I could find. It isn't all of them, I know there are at least two in the attic and some living around the world (Leicester and Italy to name two), but it was enough. There are 13 in these photos, I wonder how many balls of wool and hours of time they translate into?

Such a variety of different colours and shapes and patterns!! It reminds me of a market stall selling different fabrics, all jumbled together in a breathtaking display.

I can name them all too (from left to right): Sunset Ripple (Sister's Ripple), Mix & Match Squares, Log Cabin, Original Hexagon, Mother's Day Granny Square, Original Ripple, Traditional Granny Square, Brother's Ripple, Mini Granny Square, Geo Triangle, Block Hexagon, Criss Cross Granny & Sirdar Granny Square.

They are actually really heavy when you try to pick up several at once. I think the neighbours thought I was mad, dancing around the garden heaving crochet blankets everywhere, but I'm really pleased I did it. It's nice to be able to look back through a hobby journey and see all the much loved blankets. I still use my older ones and there are some living on my bed, on sibling's beds and in the sitting room ready for a chilly evening.

The cat quite likes blankets too, although he leaves his fur all in them so we aren't quite so pleased with his blanket love. Currently he's quite happy sitting in the sunshine- no blanket needed when there are hot paving slabs to be sleeping on!

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