Saturday, 28 May 2016

Packed & Raring To Go

I am so excited!! Tomorrow I am off on an adventure to Rome!! I've never been to any part of Italy before so am fully expecting the romantic, sun kissed, gelato fulled holiday experience. The Travel Hamsters are also barely containing their excitement, bless their felted cottons, and I thought I would treat them to some new holiday digs- their very own travel pouch!

I've used this idea before in a gift for my Aunt and thought it would be absolutely perfect for a simple, stylish little bag that all of the Hams could fit into. My little English paper pieced hexagons are only half inch hexies (so cute!!), everything in miniature (travel sized), and the bag is about 5cms wide by 10cms long.

The hexagon flower was made first and pressed, then the sides of the bag- at this point one long strip- were folded and machine stitched and the flower hand stitched on. I added some extra decoration by working a whip stitch around the centre hexagon shape.

I then folded and hand stitched a channel at either end of the long strip, before folding the strip in half, wrong sides together, and blanket stitching the edges to make the pouch. Two circles of ribbon were threaded through the channel to create a functional (and decorative) close.

I made two, one for me and one as a gift for my friend who also has a motley crew of Travel Companions, I hope they like it!

My gang are already snuggled inside their pouch, dreaming of pizza and pastries, and practising their Italian accents.

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