Saturday, 14 May 2016

Felt Garden

I have been inspired to do a summer project! It is all down to the front cover of Issue 65 of Mollie Makes. The project in the magazine was for a felted floral wreath, in beautiful tones of pink and muted greens. I don't have a lot of pinks in my felt collection, so have gone with my own colour theme but the patterns are really lovely.

Some flowers I have amended slightly, taking centres from other flowers to recycle in a different flower, and I have stitched mine together rather than glue as instructed, but generally they are the same.

I thought these poppies would be really sweet with some embroidered centres, so I stitched little lines all around the centre bud, and put some french knots in for good measure.

For this flower, I made the centre out of a fork pom pom (tutorial for these here) and then stitched it down to the felt petals.

As I am not using a hot glue gun for my leaves or my wired flowers, I have had to adapt how I do this slightly, making little twists in the wire for the flower to sit on, threading it through the centre and then doing another twist of wire on the top to hold it in place.

For my individual leaves I made a twist at the top of the wire and then stitched in a pinch from the back, trapping the wire underneath and making sure I stitch through the twist of wire so the leaf won't move around.

The lengths of leaves were made in a similar way, except I twisted lots of loops in the wire before stitching any leaves on.
I'm going to keep building up my little felted garden, and also try making a crochet sleeve to go around a polystyrene wreath so that I can just poke the wire through into the polystyrene. I'll let you know how it goes!

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