Friday, 15 July 2016

Bags, Bags, Bags!

These bags are addictive. Addictive I tell you! I can't stop making them, they are just right for settling down of an evening and either stitching together the little English paper pieced pieces, or, after a bit of an ironing session, whip stitching around the edges and following up with some kantha stitches to border.

I have seven completed bags, and three shapes waiting to be ironed on, with colour plans for even more swirling around in my head- I'm going to need to stock up on more blank bags!

Maybe I should try coloured backgrounds next time, what do you think? That could be fun, or what if I dyed them first? Dip dye, tie dye? Ooooh lots of options and possibilities. For now though, I think I will give in to my inner geek and settle down to watch an episode of Star Trek Enterprise whilst cutting out more shapes. A great Friday evening in!

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