Saturday, 30 July 2016


I finished my little stitchscape last night, deciding I had done enough to it. That's the thing with these little inspired pieces, you have to stop before it becomes too cluttered, even if there are more things that you could do to it, eg: more French knots along every fabric edge, more flowers in different colours using picot stitch, darker blues for accent....

I quite enjoy the scrappy look it has to it. There are areas of intense tiny stitches, thickly layered and textured, and other areas which are unrefined, with raw edges, a single flat layer. Sometimes I have used the pattern on the fabric to dictate what I should do to it, marking circles with French knots, following lines with single straight stitches or filling in a small pattern with little seed stitches.

Having enjoyed this first little piece so much, I have started on another one in the same size (using a 15cm hoop), but am experimenting with brighter colours. My subconscious appears to be leading me towards a sunset piece with dark silhouettes, but my fingers are working out their own path so we will see what happens.

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  1. A lovely fabric landscape Beth. Sometimes it's difficult to know when to stop. Lovely idea and I love the spontaneity of them.