Sunday, 20 November 2016

Little Red Roof Stitchscape

I didn't show you my finished Little Red Roof Stitchscape before getting carried away and framing it, but here it is!! Such a cute and tiny little 'scape at only 10 centimetres square. I might try and do some more in this size as it is quite challenging getting the proportions right and putting enough texture in for it to be interesting without overwhelming the piece. I think I did OK for a first go. It's nice that this size can be started and completed in a weekend rather than the larger ones which take about two weeks.

Who do you think lives in this tiny little cottage? It doesn't appear to have any windows at the front but what a lovely front garden! Are those Hollyhocks or Roses standing proud against the stone walls there? Such a view they have from the little red door, over valleys and fields with mountains behind.

Actually, thinking about it, this piece incorporates a lot of techniques I have trialed in previous Stitchscapes. There are meadow fields there from the Wheatfields Stitchscape, and a crosshatched/spotted mountain from the Mountain Stitchscape as well as all the other techniques which appear in pretty much all the Stitchscapes, such as the seed stitching, and Bullion knot flowers in the foreground- golly I love making those flowers! Did you knot that you can single out all of my posts relating to the Stitchscapes by selecting the 'Stitchscapes' option in the Category section on the right hand side of the blog? All of the Stitchscapes, all at once!

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