Saturday, 26 November 2016

Field Of Flowers Stitchscape

Here we are then, another weekend, another finished stitchscape! I think this one wins the competition for the highest amount of Bullion knots included in a single 'scape but it just had to be done!

As usual there are many layers to this piece which has made it look a little busy I think, but then there are many layers to floral fields so it's not a bad thing if it makes you look closer. Each stripe of a background fabric has its texture stitches with the Bullion knot flowers added over the top, and a lovely strip of lace peeking out through the stems.

I especially loved enhancing the flower print fabrics and trying out different types of stitches, lazy daisy (single chain stitches), tiny seed stitch petals, slightly longer stitched petals, satin stitch, French knots, fly stitch, Bullion roses (the things you can do with Bullion knots!!)....

The lovely spotty fabric has a kind of cross stitch thing going on,with some stitches worked almost in a chevron and others crossing over for a variation on cross stitch. Over the top of this we have long single stitch reeds with tiny fly stitch feather flowers. Nothing heavy, but adding amazing texture.

This little piece was mounted and framed this afternoon, although I ran out of white frames so it is currently residing in a natural light wooden one. Now it is framed, the perspective really comes into play which is brilliant! It still amazes me that such a finished image comes from a vague notion in my crazy brain. Standing back and looking at the piece brings out new ideas and things even I hadn't noticed whilst stitching it- like the cloud formations in the sky, and the way the lace strip now looks like a tiny picket fence.

I went slightly mad in Wilkos this week and bought quite a lot more frames for my pieces- it was so enjoyable seeing other stitchscapes come to life once in a frame, I had to see them ALL! So today I have been cutting mounts, positioning and re-positioning stitchscapes, doing some last minute ironing and polishing glass, until.....

.... they were all framed!
I've stuck with the box frames as some of the stitchscapes are starting to become more three dimensional with the sequins and beads being added and I didn't want to squash anything. Although I'm not wishing to boast, I think they look fab!

There's quite a collection building up now!! What 'scape should I do next?

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