Sunday, 25 March 2018

Still #inthehooping

I'm still going with my #inthehoop 'scapes! This is the latest little finished one, based around these rather alien looking plant pods. These fabrics go so well together and I've loved used those zesty greens!

It looks almost quilted with the different thicknesses of back stitch filling in the plain green sections and following the lines of the grey plant form and satin stitch pods. I used to draw around my hand and fill the middle of the hand print with drawn squiggles and swirls that look just like this fabric!

The flowers are very simply followed with detached chain stitches, satin stitch, mini French knots and tiny back stitches with single strands of straight stitch in the leaves. It's a very happy fabric print!

I have used a variegated blue thread for the seed stitch which creates areas of light and dark without any effort from me at all. The geometric triangle print is either filled with satin stitch or with several lines of back stitch, some sitting inside the other which is something I really like- perhaps I can take this further and actually fill a shape with multicoloured rows of back stitch.

I'm trying not to sound boring but the top layer is also back stitch! A single strand of the darker green and two strands of the light green, following the line of the stripes, with more back stitch following the curve of the raw fabric edge. So, all that I have to do now is to sew a felt circle to the back and we are good to go!

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