Monday, 2 April 2018

Happy Easter


I hope your weekend has been full of chocolate eggs and fluffy chicks. I don't think I ate this much even at Christmas- it seems like I've been constantly eating this weekend! Full English breakfast, lamb roast, hot cross buns, chocolate treats at every relative visited..... endless! It's been a really lovely time though and is a more relaxed family holiday as there isn't really such pressure on the gift side of things, other than worrying about who might unexpectedly buy you an Easter egg so you end up buying extra Lindt bunnies. (If no one buys you a surprise egg, you can keep these for yourself. Win, win!)
Our Easter decorations went up very late on Saturday night as everyone had been working odd days throughout the week and there wasn't really much time to put anything together. Our Easter tree is more rough and ready this year, using dried fennel seed heads to hang our brightly coloured plastic eggs and wooden ornaments on, but it looks lovely all the same. Have a lovely bank holiday Monday!

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