Thursday, 24 March 2011

Beginning the Final Major

Well, I did warn you that I was going to be very busy- in fact, I only have time to do this today because the teachers are striking over their pensions and the college has been shut for the day.
I have now begun my final major project!!!! It's all about rain forests and jungles, so I have been looking at images and issues concerning them, moved onto a huge colour thing (decided on my colour theme of vivid greens and 'hot colours'), done some research into artists, especially Ruth Lee who does all sorts of fab knitting and has even written a book about it! (Contemporary Knitting for Textile Artists) and am now moving onto experiments with materials and processes.
Knitting is going to be a big thing in my final piece- which I would like to be a huge walk through installation which sort of transports you to another place- although I would also like to learn how to crochet, make rag rugs, shibori and any other textile process that I might come across. Recently I have tried knitting with wire and beads which produced quite an interesting result, also circular weaving with beads, knitting with circular needles to produce a long trunk thing- an ongoing and incredibly long process, obviously I need to learn to knit faster! And also made my own knitting frame using pencils and masking tape which is going quite well I think...

My tutor Wendy said that she would show me how to use the glass kiln so I have a load of experiments for that to do- I had a snoop around the 3D room the other day, and one of the girls has done this amazing tactile piece where she has supported a square of chicken wire in the kiln, then laid a sheet of glass on the top so that it melted through the wire, producing this sort of reversed honeycomb effect. I want to do the same sort of thing but try knitting with wire first-- ooo its so exciting!!! :D

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