Monday, 11 April 2011

Made with Metal

I am on a definite role this week with my ATC manufacturing, I think these will be the last for a while as the next lot aren't due in until May. The idea behind these was that it had to be predominantly made of metal (or completely made of metal) or at least mainly decorated with metal. I did have lots of ideas for this one, mainly thinking about recycling old cans and staples etc, however in the end I settled on lots of wire spirals on a copper metallic fabric.
Several things went wrong with this plan- firstly I didn't have enough of the metallic fabric to cover all three ATCs so had to just have bits of it on each one, then I got very into making the wire spirals and stitched them on before realising that I should have painted the calico underneath first....THEN when I was trying to edge the fabric (which I always have issues with for some reason) the needle kept catching on the wire and pushing it through the fabric so I would have to take drastic measures with the pliers. Still, apart from the very wonky edging, which hopefully my group are used to by now, I think they turned out OK in the end...


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