Monday, 23 May 2011

An Ever Growing Jungle

Nearing the end of my FMP now- the walls are up, painted and pristine. The floors have been meticulously and back breakingly scrubbed- well in the room I was doing anyway, other rooms were allowed to just simply repaint (totally unfair!). I have my little three sided box with a roof and tomorrow I am going in to wallpaper and then repaint it green.
In the meantime, I have been hanging my vines from trees again and forcing my brother to look interested in it all. He did say some very nice things about it afterwards though, about how it 'transported him to another world, a jungley world' and how he 'felt he had to touch and explore, moving and looking at things.' He can sounds quite pompous at times, must be all the films he watches...

I think I prefer the black and white photograph of these vines, it makes you focus more on the shapes rather than the colours, and make the vines fit in more with the natural surroundings. They look almost like hanging roots dripping down the photo.

Again the black and white photo looks much better and more natural without the almost garish pink colours to distract.

My brother before he started getting serious and poetical...

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