Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Colours Galore & Frolicking On The Edge

(Sigh) Would you just look at the view that greets me when I walk in the kitchen!!!! Isn't it gorgeous??? -if a little dull. It's rainy, cloudy and windy in my part of the world, although looking out of the window it could brighten up later on. The gladioli are steaming ahead with their blooming business...

...and I got a lovely surprise in the post yesterday which felicitated the joining together of the rainbow pages.
Did I show you Paula's blue page? I can't remember. Never mind, I will show you again- can never have too much of a good thing and this page is DEFINITELY a good thing!

My surprise in the post was the violet page from Wendy- equally as lovely as Paula's page...

Unfortunately it turns out that my indigo page was sent to someone else, so whilst I wait for that to be forwarded on I have made a start on stitching them together to make them into a book. What do you think of it so far??

We have: Red from Alison, Orange from Hazel, Yellow from Sue, Green from Annie, Blue from Paula...an unknown indigo one, and Purple from Wendy.

I might make a multicoloured, rainbow cover to keep them in when they aren't on display....or just mount them on my wall to add a splash of colour to my bedroom!

Oh, oh!! And, in other news, I have finished my hexagon blanket!! I was going to blog yesterday about all my rainbow loveliness, but I got so caught up with my hexagon blanket, frolicking on the edge I was until the early hours of last night. When I finished I was so tired I just tucked myself up underneath the blanket and went to sleep, so I didn't get a good look at it until this morning. And I LOVE it!!!
This is what it looked like when all of the hexes were in place, before the edge went on...

(Do you like my new spotty socks? They have stripes on the bottom and were another purchase from the Asda shop)

Are you ready? Here's the finished blanket all edged and beautiful......ready....steady....


Here are some close ups of the edge for you...

The edge was worked alternately in double and treble stitches, and also alternating in direction. The final treble round was worked in front loops only to prevent it curling too much.

I am very proud of my newest addition to the ever growing blanket collection, and it has already found a home on one of the chairs in the living room, along with one of my blooming flower cushions!


  1. I think I might commission you to make me one of those blankets! Interested?