Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bits & Bobbles!!

Good Morning!!! The last few days have been beautifully sunny and clear, but today (when I wanted to take photos) it is dark and drizzly!! Not nice at all. Our little garden visitor doesn't seem to mind though- probably too intent on digging up the garden.

My Halloween flowers are still going strong. The leafy bits went a bit crusty so the flowers have been taken out of the teapot now. Look at the colours, aren't they fantastic!?!

I think all this drab weather has brought on some kind of hibernation/nesting instinct as I have once more taken up my hook with the need to create a blanket. Bobbled this time!!! It's taken HoUrS just to get to this small length, although it is about as wide as a double bed so the rows are very long.

I quite like the back of the blanket as well with the slight gradient of colours.

It is supposed to be a 'use up the odds and ends of wool' type blanket, although you need quite a substantial ball to do one colour row (the bobbles are mini wool eaters!!).

And quickly, before I sign off, these photos are mainly to show The Mother what I have been up to at university. I have been looking at poppies and poppy petals, so playing around with shapes and compositions and techniques. 

These are absolutely my favourite pieces!!! The petals are individually cut and are made of sequin tape bonded to different fabrics (the above has a dyed jersey in the middle and a silk dupion on the outer petals). This piece was hand stitched and heated to hold the rippled petal effects. I think I like them because they are so large!! This one is just slightly bigger than my hand. 

And this one is even bigger!!! Again this is sequin tape bonded to a fabric (velvet this time), but it is machine stitched and then heated. I am just waiting for another delivery of sequin tape and then there will be sequin flowers everywhere!!!


  1. Thank you. I enjoyed looking at your creative projects. The sequin tape works very well. X