Friday, 4 December 2015

WPLUP- On The Edge

Hello!! And welcome to the third installment of the Winter Project Link Up Party, hosted by the lovely Jen at Thistle Bear. I hope you are excited to see where I have got to on my winter blanket, especially as you only see the progress once a month (unlike my other projects where I inundate you with photos until you are bored stiff!). The above image shows where we got to last time, just to give you a quick reminder (or click here for last month's post).

Apologies for the fuzziness of the above photo, I was trying to take the picture whilst on the bus and we were bumping along a particularly pot-holed road at the time. I spent several days madly crocheting the extra squares I needed, and as I spend so much time on the bus (upwards of two hours every day- that's a lot of precious spare time going to waste!) I thought I would take my hooky along with me. The weirdest part was because it was so dark outside, I could watch myself crochet in the reflection of the window. Have you ever been watched by someone else and had the comment, 'you crochet really fast, your hands are a blur'? I kind of get what they mean now, it was absolutely fascinating looking at my way of crocheting from the other side.

The blanket had grown large enough to be able to snuggle under it whilst adding on the extra squares- a huge bonus as we had our first large frost the other week. And of course, there can be no lengthy snuggling without provisions!! The family and I have been working our way around the supermarkets sampling all of the different mince pies and judging the best ones. So far Mr Kipling and Morrisons ones are quite good, but the Waitrose ones fell apart quite easily which resulted in a lot of crumbly messiness- not good for blankets!

Ta-Daah!!! The finished central square with all 36 squares!! Do you think you can tell who crocheted which square?

And so, we come to where I am now- frolicking on the edge. Last weekend The Parents and I went up to Firle Beacon for a picnic, not that the view was anything much to look at (see below), the rain was pouring down and the wind was buffeting the car around, it was like being on a boat!! As we sat in the car munching on our sandwiches and peering through the fogged up windows, it got a bit chilly- handy then, that I had brought a WIP to snuggle up in!

To begin the edges I have done two rows of double crochet, mimicking what happens in the smaller squares, and have started a third row of the treble granny stitch. I am thinking that I will do three rows in the cream trebles, then see about a couple more rows of the double crochet, before finishing off with three or four trebles. We will see how I feel about it when I reach that point. It's taking a long time to finish off this edging- there are so many other projects to be doing for Christmas!!

As always, please hop on over to the Link Up post to join in with this party or just to see what everyone else has been up to!


  1. It's a lovely blanket, you must be pleased it's nearly finished x

  2. Your blanket is just lovely. Good luck on the finish!

  3. It is looking good. Borders always make blankets go from just a thing to a beautiful blanket. Jo x

  4. Hi Beth, thanks for joining in again! Your blanket is coming along so beautifully. Good luck with the finish, I can't wait to see the big reveal. :)

  5. It really is looking good, always a great feeling to be working on the edge.

  6. It's looking great. It is always the best feeling when a project comes almost to the end. I'm popping by from the linky party .its been lovely to see your progress

  7. 36 squares, that's a good sized blanket. Great for snuggling under