Sunday, 30 October 2016

Misty Mountains Stitchscape

Hooray! A Ta-Daahhhh moment! My Misty Mountains Stitchscape is finiiishhheddd!! I'm so chuffed because this looks almost exactly like my bus view over fog wrapped hills and dales in the mornings (although now the clocks have changed I won't be seeing anything on my journey into work as the sun won't have risen yet).

There's quite a lot going on this piece, despite the muted colours and quiet stillness. I've used lots of patterned fabrics with the threads following aspects of the print which makes it appear very busy. The bottom of the stitchscape is an absolute tangle of knot flowers made with French knots and Pistil stitches, as well as the addition of some beads to give a slight shimmer and twinkle as if Jack Frost or the Dew Fairy has been visiting and left a couple of gifts caught in the rambling weeds.

I am enjoying adding materials other than fabric and thread to my pieces. So far I haven't been that outrageous, only adding beads, shells and thicker yarns, but I am considering adding paper, string, synthetic flowers and leaves, or sea glass maybe. The problem is size really, these embroideries are quite little, still only 20cm square at their largest, so everything in them needs to be scaled down to fit but I would like to see how far I can push this stitchscape idea. Sounds exciting doesn't it?!

Unsurprisingly I have yet more ideas for further stitchscapes floating around in that little inspiration jar in my head. There needs to be more time in the day for me to get these ideas out and into the hoop! For now though, I hope you will enjoy the serenity of my Misty Mountains, perhaps go for a wander to see what lies behind each mysterious ridge; don't get lost now.

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