Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Snowy Stitches Progress

I'm on holiday!! Hurrah!! It's already going too fast as we are halfway through Tuesday and the rest of the week is stacking eagerly up behind. I have been working on my Snowy Alps stitchscape which is coming along nicely. I got a bit excited in the bottom half and found myself adding beads and extra details before I've even started the top half, but never mind- it's all a free flow type of thing so that's ok.

I thought you might like a 'mid-way point' progress report, especially as there are lots of fun things I can show you. The lustre and texture in this one is really lovely with the satin DMC threads and these gorgeous flat pearl beads that I found (in the sale bin = result!) in Hobbycraft a couple of weeks ago. They reminded me of Bullrushes, or Honesty, or large seed pods so that's what I turned them into. Originally I hadn't intended to turn them into a plant, I was going to stitch them in as rocks or something but one got stuck on my needle and when I put the needle down to get a smaller one, it looked like the plant so these little beauties appeared!

I also added some fly stitch fern-esque fronds in front of the Bullrushes to add more of an appearance of tangled undergrowth and to break up some of the harsher lines, I might pop some little french knots at the bottom as well to help 'ground' the stems.

I've used quite a few beads in this piece so far; also from the Hobbycraft sale bin were these lovely matte brown beads which really compliment my earthy french knots underneath the lace fence. I might pop some pale blue beads up there in the sky when I reach it as well. Next up though, are the Alps themselves!!

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