Saturday, 11 November 2017

Seasonal Studio Saturday-ing

It was an exciting day in the studio today! As it was lashing down with rain outside, it was warm and cosy and bright inside with my tree of Christmas stitchscape hoops sparkling in the light from my hand stitched lamp. My packaging skills were out in full force as I stuffed (carefully laid) envelopes into cards and slipped them inside cellophane sleeves ready for going on sale at TWA or at my next (and last of the year) craft show on the 18th November at Uckfield Community Technology College, or perhaps some might be sold through Etsy- they would make lovely and unique presents for someone in your life for sure!
There are three new card designs ready to go; Frost Fields, Summer Sweet and Spring Comes Softly.

I finished these final two Christmas hoops pre-studio this morning, and absolutely love the berries and fir tree branches at the bottom of this one. It's a mass of straight stitches and satin stitches with little white french knot snow flakes. If this doesn't sell I shall definitely be putting it on my own Christmas tree!

The two main Christmas cards made for this year are Winter Kisses and Frost Fields- the original of which is all beautiful and sparkly with little white beads and sparkly metallic flowers. I would have liked to do more, but because of the length of time it takes for me to complete one and prepare it for photographing, then edit the image and take it to the printers- all in my 'spare' time- I have limited myself to two, with hopefully more being ready in time for next year.
Whilst I think on it, one of my customers from last weekend at the Barnsgate Manor Christmas craft fair, paid my photography skills a great compliment by picking up a selection of cards and trying to feel the stitches through the cellophane sleeve. She was completely baffled at the fact the texture was flat and I had to explain to her that the image was just a photograph of the embroidery, not the embroidery itself. I promise you that if you see these in real life, they do look like the real thing- and in some of the larger prints it can be quite confusing!

My new guillotine was zipping along for several hours this afternoon as I had a lot of prints re-printed this week which also needed trimming, mounting, signing and bagging. I had to stop in the end because I ran out of mounts (never fear, more are on order!).
The Christmas images are also available in my two sizes of mounted print (12" and 8"), along with pretty much all of my stitchscape designs, which can be bought either on Etsy, or by requesting a print on Facebook messenger. It couldn't be easier!

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