Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Summer Colours

This week I have been inspired by the colours of summer and sunshine!! I am meant to be finishing off my poor Bluebell Woods Stitchscape which has been patiently waiting for a couple of months now but for some reason I can't bring myself to finish it off. All it needs is a few hundred bullion knots at the bottom so I can't think why....
Anyway, these smaller, 15cm pieces really spoke to me as I caught a glimpse of the fabulous brightly coloured batik fabrics on one of my shelves of doom, so I spent a happy few hours at the weekend cutting and stitching the landscapes that came to mind.

I started the beach huts first as I didn't use any kind of bondaweb or stabiliser for the huts themselves and I was slightly concerned that if I left them they would fray beyond all hope due to the small specific shapes. I needn't have worried as the fabric has been very well behaved on the whole and has barely frayed at all! Would you believe that all four huts came from the same striped fabric piece? I knew the second I saw it that it could only be used for this type of scene - it's perfect!

 The 15cm (6") hoop is the perfect size to pop into a sandwich bag (other reusable bags are available) and stick into your bag for the day, or pick up and put down at your leisure. I've been taking this little slice of summer with me everywhere I go so it's pretty well travelled!

The shell print fabric is another gem of a find from the Ardingly Quilt Show in Jan/Feb time. The Mother and I have decided that we don't need to go to the even bigger and better Alexandra Palace Knitting & Stitching Show because we are still working our way through the piles and piles of fabrics that we both bought at Ardingly this year. But you can never have too much, right?

The cat has also been enjoying the summer sunshine, although it inspires him to sleep in bizarre poses rather than do anything creative. He stayed in this upside down, splayed position for about half an hour until the sun fell off him! Worshipping the sun gods with all his might.

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