Monday, 14 February 2011

Exotic Garden

A pretentious name for a group of ribbon ATCs, but I had to call them something and the colours reminded me of a garden somewhere hot.
I have somehow managed to fit these into my busy schedule of uni interview preparation- although actually they are recycled from a previous piece which I brought down from the attic a few days ago when rummaging for things to go into the portfolio. Cutting and sewing is much easier than fiddling around making the individual flowers and petals!!
I have finally persuaded The Mother (she reckons I bullied her) to start making ATCs- she was the one who introduced me to the idea a few years ago, it has taken me this long to really get into it! She never feels that she has the time to do all her stitching and creative things (mainly she looks into our family tree and brings out all the horrific scandals of living in ditches, popping in and out of the workhouse like it was a holiday they had to revisit, stealing eels from the landlord's lake and drowning themselves in village ponds, all lovely gory stuff!)
She hasn't yet joined my yahoo group though (MixedMediaATC_UK), thinks it would be pressurising for her or something- she'll come round :D I might post some photos of her new attempts (mini patchworks which she is currently embellishing with sequins and lace bought from the Brighton Show) later if I can sneak them on.

 I laughed when I saw the bottom flower, having rescued it from the attic...I think it was an unintentional mistake to have the darker purple petal at the top rather than the bottom....maybe it was dark when I made it. Still, it adds character. 

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