Sunday, 29 September 2013

Summer Project Bits

I thought it high time I share with you some bits and bobs from the project I have been working on over the summer. The photos are a bit jumbled but I'm sure you won't mind.

The inspiration for this project originally came from a poem by Elizabeth Browning about the Herefordshire landscape. Want to read?

I dared to rest, or wander, - like a rest
Made sweeter for the step upon the grass, -
And view the ground's most gentle dimplement,
(As if God's finger touched but did not press
In making England!) such an up and down
Of verdure, - nothing too much up or down
A ripple of land; such little hills, the sky
Can stoop to tenderly and the wheatfields climb;
Such nooks of valleys, lined with orchises,
Fed full of noises by invisible streams;
And open pastures, where you scarcely tell
White daisies from white dew, - at intervals
The mythic oaks and elm-trees standing out
Self-poised upon their prodigy of shade, -
I thought my father's land was worthy too
Of being my Shakespeare's...
Then the thrushes sang,
And shook my pulses and the elms' new leaves...
I flattered all the beauteous country round,
As poets use; the skies, the clouds, the fields,
The happy violets hiding from the roads
The primroses run down to, carrying gold, -
The tangled hedgerows, where the cows push out
Impatient horns and tolerant churning mouths
'Twixt dripping ash-boughs, - hedgerows all alive
With birds and gnats and large white butterflies
Which look as if the May-flower had caught life
And palpitated forth upon the wind, -
Hills, vales, woods, netted in a silver mist,
Farm, granges, doubled up among the hills,
And cattle grazing in the watered vales,
And cottage-chimneys smoking from the woods,
And cottage-gardens smelling everywhere,
Confused with smell of orchards.


I thought that rather than using the Herefordshire Landscape, I would use my own beloved Ashdown Forest landscape.

So what do you think? I have been sketching, painting, stitching, colouring, combining... I really love the combination of my new Inktense pencils (brilliant and totally worthwhile purchase!!) with machine stitching on the top. What do you think?

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  1. Wonderful work Beth! I love Inktense too. Your stitching is fab! x