Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ladybug Ladybug

Good Afternoon my Lovelies!!! Do you like my new little friends? I have designed them for the guides to make at guide camp at the weekend so hopefully there will soon be an entire fleet/flock/gaggle/bunch/parliament(?) of ladybirds flitting around East Sussex.

Making the first one was such fun I just had to make a second...I might have to keep making them until I run out of felt!

And oh golly gosh. I must tell you, I had SUCH exciting post today!!! Having just won a giveaway from the lovely Betsy Badge, I won a second giveaway from the equally lovely Rebecca Bourne, who I hope to be doing a feature post on very soon (the link for her is for her facebook page). Look how beautifully stitched this little card is!!

I love the fact that she got carried away and stitched my name to go with it. Such clever machine sewing (I'm going to have to practice!!).

I think what I like most is the combination of materials. The collage of fabrics, buttons, paint and stitch work all combining to make a very quirky cute image. Thank you so much Rebecca!! These little gems will be joining my artwork collection on the wall. =D xx

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