Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Stitchy Business

Gosh, has it really been a week since I posted on here? So much has happened it feels much longer. At the weekend I packed up all my bits and bobs, said goodbye to the cats and was yesterday driven back to Leicester. I have to admit, I still haven't quite unpacked so my room is a bit of a state (ssssh, don't tell The Mother). Still, before I did the big move (and it does tend to be rather big!) I managed to get a few stitchy things done and dusted. What do you think of my entry for the Great Bit Stitched Postcard Swap? I am thrilled to pieces with it!!! So much so I might have to make another one so that I can keep this one....

I am particularly proud of my little stitched birds, they make my heart go skippety skip whenever I see them! I hope whoever my swap partner is likes my little bit of textile art.

Did I mention this magazine find? I can't remember, so apologies if this is a repeat. The Mother and I popped into town the other week and to our excitement came across a new magazine (you know those ones where they have collectable items or build something with each issue?) called Sew & Stitch. Not only does it have some lovely makes for you to do, but you also work towards making your own patchwork quilt!!! Apparently it takes about 90 issues to finish the whole thing and the magazine comes out every week.

This was the first issue and you get all the bits and bobs to make the first patch!! A postcard patch to be precise. The only things I slightly changed for this was to Vilene the back of all of the fabrics. They seem to be quite good quality but I thought that because the patches are going to be hanging around for 90 issues, they might fray quite a bit. I also added the red stitching on the picture part of the postcard because I didn't feel bondaweb would secure it sufficiently and to me it looked a bit strange as that was the only bit without stitching around it. I think it looks quite cool. =D

So if you aren't one for long intensive projects, why not join me and The Mother with this one as it is in monthly, manageable chunks and if you subscribe you get the most amazing complimentary (free-ish!!) things which make it totally worth it. We could have a quilt-along!!! Whaddaya think?

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