Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Driving Home For Christmas

Hello my Lovelies!!! I have indeed been driven home for Christmas and have been feeling an Xmassy vibe ever since!! As soon as I got home it was tree decorating time, and even Ziggy got into the spirit (although his was more of a 'sleep on all the decorations' vibe). I brought my MMT laser cut decorations which are now looking splendiforous on the tree, and all of my carefully wrapped presents are ready and waiting to be opened!!

I have carefully inspected The Mother's new wreath and it is even more detailed up close. There seems to always be something new to see nestled behind a sequined cupcake or peeking out from behind the Gingerlady's skirt. A fabulous addition to our favourite decs. (Plus, she has started a new one to go on a different door!!!)

And I opened my first Christmas present today!! Well, sort of. I ordered some Christmas presents from a very talented lady who I know from Facebook and her parcel arrived yesterday!! I only opened it this morning as The Mother is one of those who has a present inside so I had to wait until she was out, and I just had to show you the presentation!!

The lady is called Inken, and her facebook page is called FeltedArtToWear so do pop on over and have a good rummage through her photo album (there is also an Etsy shop for you to wander round). She works with felt and creates all kind of amazing things!!! Scarfs, lanterns, cute characters, baubles, adult size fairy boots...the list goes on and she is fab to follow as she is always posting interesting things. And bless her, she even sent me a Christmas card and some chocolates with my order!! Such a cutie.

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