Monday, 23 December 2013

Dull, Dull, Dull!!

Batten down the hatches!!! Don't venture outside or you will be blown away like Mary Poppins!!! (Especially if you attempt to keep dry with an umbrella.) This weather is bonkers, mad, horrible, disgusting, foul....I could go on but I think Kit's face says it all really...

Tee hee, such a grump. I would show you the other cat's face but he is hiding under the Christmas tree.

I have been baking once more!! Topping up the goodie tins with jam whirls and some special cupcakes for a family birthday. (You may remember I had to practice my piping on the cakes I baked last time.) I baked and swirled icing on them and The Mother titivated by adding some seasonal touches. Cute aren't they?

We have had some very interesting plants enter the house this week. The flowers (in my Glazy Daisy vase!!) were a gift to The Mother and are most unusual. It just shows how bad the light is here as I had to use the flash on my camera and now the flowers look even stranger!! I think they have been painted bright pink although I'm not sure why, I don't understand painted flowers- what's wrong with their natural colour?

And this strange plant (possibly a type of orchid?) is also a gift to The Mother and is really quite tall!! Nearly reaches my middle! The flowers are very pretty though.

I have had my first Christmas present. A huge floral bag which has been adopted by my crochet as a 'travelling crochet bag'. It fits about three layers of wool bundles as well as my blanket in it so is perfect!! Although I'm not sure about taking it out in this weather. (I have to catch a bus later-- eek!!)

For now though I can sit and ponder, crocheting down the rows of bobbles- I have to say, I am LoViNg the bobbles!! They feel amazing even if they do take forEVER to do! Currently entering a sort of sunset colour phase which is a nice change from all the blues that have been happening.

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