Monday, 2 December 2013

Feeling The Vibe

Is anyone else feeling as Christmassy as I am? I realise that most of my recent posts have been Christmas themed, you are probably getting sick of it already, but I can't help it!!! Yesterday I wrapped up all of my presents, and wrote most of my cards!! 
My room is looking better than ever and my favourite time is the evening when I walk past my room to see the little lights twinkling merrily away. The vibe has been creeping in to other rooms of the house too... 

The Mother sent me a themed parcel last week, with the above banner kit and the below Santa kit in, along with some reindeer socks, tinsel, was brilliant.

Plus yesterday was the official countdown beginning!! I don't think I will ever tire of advent calenders, I will still be buying them when I am 92!!!

I bought my first lot of university made laser cut decorations this morning. Some were an order from The Mother and others are intended as Christmas presents for my friends...if I don't steal them away first!! There are still lots for sale if you are interested in purchasing some for yourselves.

Our coffee table is feeling merry too, with these gorgeously coloured roses!! They look so pretty bunched together!

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