Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sew & Stitch: Parts 8-11

Afternoon!! I have been working on my Sew and Stitch  project over the last two evenings. It arrived quite early this month (late for November!! Tut.) but I hadn't yet had a chance to start sewing anything. I always make a point of putting a vilene backing on most of the fabrics (unless I am doing turned applique with them) to avoid fraying and making it easier to sew without a hoop- Ziggy wasn't being very helpful though as he is currently obsessed with the ironing board and I had to iron the vilene on around him!

I am thoroughly enjoying this project. And I do mean, thoroughly!!! It's a bit like the ATCs, they are only little to begin with but eventually the project grows until you have lots of it!! Plus it means you have a regular source of creativeness that isn't massively time consuming- great for busy people.
The first square in last months package is a fabulous lighthouse, with the sweetest light at the top. I just love the diagonal stitches!! I do try to make my squares slightly different where I can so that my quilt is totally unique and for this square I made the windows different sizes and worked running stitches on the island instead of the random detached chain stitches.

The second square was a simple and quick one with just two stripes of worked ric rac. (Love the boat house pattern!!)

And the third square was a much more involved boat!! The boat fabrics were bondawebbed down, then stitched with a back stitch just inside the edges of the fabric, which was then worked over with whipped back stitch. I decided to go back round again and just do a simple little stitch to properly hold the edges down as I was worried about fraying. I really enjoyed this square, and even like the slightly wonky flag pole.

I'm so excited about putting this quilt together and embellishing it. The pile of completed squares is growing and they look so fabulous laid out!!

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