Wednesday, 1 April 2015

❤❤ April Loves ❤❤

Evening all!! I sort of took an impromptu holiday from my little blog for a bit- things got very hectic and stressful at work, which had a knock on effect on my ability to do anything in the evenings. The end of March simply flew by and I can scarcely believe it is April already! Nearly Easter!!

 The first little love for the evening is a double bunch of Tulips bought cheaply from M & S, they look so pretty, even in the dullest of lights.

 I am also enjoying working my way through the 12 Days of Christmas swap. Weirdly it really pleases me how un-Christmassy these are, funny how your thought processes change during the year. The colours of the cards are becoming much lighter and prettier as Spring approaches. The above card is my Four Calling Birds return from Hazel.

 Bringing flowers in from the garden. We don't often do this as we love the garden to look pretty so will usually buy in our table flowers, but we've been having such gusty winds lately that it has knocked down a lot of our daffodils- prompting a rescue mission into the breezy back garden to rescue them from the slugs.

 Working on my odds and ends crochet blanket and watching it grow!! There is still no real plan for this other than the squares of alternate granny and block squares joined and bordered. The colours are usually picked randomly (by putting several balls of wool into a bag and pulling them out without looking to choose the next colour).

In a couple of places this has had some interesting colour combos, and some very zingy colour partners, but I think the white helps tone everything down and even out the colours. Loving this blanket very much!!

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