Wednesday, 15 April 2015

More Crochet???

I have definitely chosen the right week to be on holiday from work- during the first heatwave of the year!! It has felt almost like June or July today, very summer holiday-ish.

I have spent the afternoon in the garden, snuggled up on my newest crochet blanket, the edging of which I finished a couple of days ago, enjoying the sunshine and watching the world go by.

It is looking very colourful in the garden already with bright Bluebells and Tulips.
And, most exciting of all, my Amaryllis is flowering again!! It has been three years since it last flowered and although there have been lots of leaves I had given up hope of it flowering again. Sadly some naughty slugs have nibbled at the bud casing but hopefully not enough to damage the flower itself. I have been chasing the sun around the house with the pot so that it gets maximum sun opportunities, and talking to it like some deranged plant lady- I'm hoping for a spectacular flower display.

Since putting photos of the last blanket onto my blog and the Facebook page, I have earned myself a commission from my friend Anna who wants a unique blanket of her own. As I am on holiday I started right away, working on a rainbow of block coloured Granny squares with complimentary or tonal double stitch borders. The brief for this is very relaxed- no lime green, lots of colour and a bit of a patchwork feel. Consequently I have no plan, just doing what I feel like until a better idea hits- the best way to make a blanket, and so portable (a good thing as I am going back up to Leicester for a few days at the end of the week).

This is also another stash busting quilt, I am hoping to continue using what I have without having to buy new balls unless I absolutely have to. Should be good!

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