Tuesday, 28 April 2015


It's been very blue at home today. Not in mood or atmosphere, but in the garden. Dad commented a few weeks ago how Spring starts with yellow (Daffodils, Crocuses, Primroses) and then as those colours die down, blue leaps forth- Hyacinths, Forget-me-knots, Bluebells, Rosemary.... I wonder if that is an intentional part of nature, perhaps it has evolved that yellow flowers are best to wake the bees up ready to start pollinating again or something along those lines. Perhaps it is just a coincidence.

Today has been lovely and bright, if a little chilly with the wind. I have had the day off and busied myself with some ATC making that I will get to later. The sky has been spectacular and has almost changed colour over the hours, going from a dark blue to a bright zingy blue with puffs of clouds.

In the front garden we have a 'blue bed'. The giant Rosemary bush flows effortlessly into our own small-scale version of a Bluebell wood. The bees and early butterflies are loving this section and it buzzes and hums all day long.

We still have some Grape Hyacinths, although they are starting to die down know. Dad has begun thinking about hanging baskets and pretty planters full of little flowers- these Violas (I think) look a little snail nibbled but are still super pretty.

I had great fun this afternoon trying to take photos of my little wind catcher whirling round. It is surprisingly difficult to catch the motion without the whole photo being blurry, but I think I managed it in the end.

And to round of the blue-ness of the day, what could be nicer than a mug of coffee in my blue spotted mug!

One thing that hasn't been blue today is my ATC making. I have been so busy with other projects, work, travel, family that I rather left this until the last minute (it is due to my swap partner on the 30th!!). The theme is 'Five Golden Rings', the fifth in the 12 Days of Christmas collection.

I actually really struggled with this one, I just couldn't think how to do it, what materials to use, how to position the bits on the card... Eventually a glimmer of an idea struck me although I'm still not 100% sure about this design. The 'rings' are gold painted felt, stitched onto my favourite crazy patchwork background and of course, I had to add my trademark French knots.
I think the trouble is, because I have started this collection with all of my cards made with patch-worked backgrounds, felt embellishments and embroidery, I now feel the need to continue the rest of them in the same way- which I'm not sure will work for all of it (8 Maids A Milking???)- but I love these techniques so much I have to carry on with them.

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