Tuesday, 19 January 2016

In And Out

Life at the moment is becoming a case of being either in or out. In = warmth, crochet, snuggly blankets, cat cuddles and hot drinks. Out = morning and evening commutes, blisteringly cold wind, nose biting temperatures and darkness (although it will soon be the time of beautiful sunrises!!)

I much prefer the 'in' time personally, I'm not really a Winter person. At the weekend it was beautiful sunshine on the Saturday and sitting in the living room I could almost convince myself it was Summer, except for the bare branches and lack of colour in the garden. I made up for it by moving my current vase of flowers into the sunshine and my eye line which made things much more cheerful. The Mother really loves Freesias which look very sweet in this bunch of leftover Christmas flowers- and smell just as glorious.

I had some lovely post too, more wool from The Homemakery as well as a new book, Around the Corner, Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman. I had seen it recommended by one of my favourite blogs, Annie's Place and bought it on a whim to see if any of the patterns would suit my Criss Cross blanket. I did try out a few but nothing seemed quite right with this blanket so have gone with a combination of stitches that flow naturally from the hook- I'll show you in a different post when I have some more done.

Sunday was a completely different weather story. It had snowed overnight!!! Not very much mind you and as the sun came out after breakfast, it had soon dripped away. Hopefully we will get some more, I love watching the big fluffy flakes falling from the sky.

I really enjoyed making my Rainbow Case the other day and found myself starting another one. This one is slightly different though, it's bigger at 21cm across, and I have edged all of the edges in dark purple.

I have also experimented with the ties, attaching them to the edge of the flap rather than the back panel. I think this has worked a bit better- and maybe I could use my new edging book to create some funky borders should I be inspired to make a couple more cases- It is a good way to use up my odds and ends of acrylic yarn!

The colours for this case involve a few shades of purple along with a bolder orange colour, a bit like the sunrises I am so looking forwards to seeing.

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