Saturday, 9 January 2016

Criss Cross Blanket

We had a rainbow!!! So pretty, I love rainbows. And although I didn't notice at the time, on looking closer at these photos, there is a rainbow shadow as well- a double rainbow. It was a really strong one and lasted for quite a long time, you could even see the other side of it.

Ziggy slept through my leaping up and down with excitement, I wonder if cats can actually see rainbows or if they see them differently? Kit wasn't that bothered either, just gave me that wide eyed, disparaging stare that cats have perfected.

I have been working very hard on my Rooster Almerino Aran, Criss Cross blanket these past few days, and eventually reached my target of 36 squares. (Although it then turned out that I miscounted in the first place and have 37 squares- might have to make a complimentary cushion to go with it.)

I have chosen to stitch the squares together rather than crochet them, and started by stitching together all of the horizontal rows first.

It kind of looked like bunting for a while, but then I stitched all of the vertical rows and completed the square.

So this is what it currently looks like. I have, ahem, bought some more wool for this (the most expensive blanket I've ever made!!!) which should arrive mid week and then I can start working on a border. It is only a little lap blanket but is already quite heavy and very warm. I love the criss cross pattern the chain gaps make, building a bigger texture through the whole blanket.

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