Monday, 4 January 2016

WPLUP- Still On The Edge

Hello! And welcome, welcome to the fourth instalment of the Winter Project Link Up Party, hosted by Jen at Thistle Bear. I am muchly enjoying the experience of showing you a project only once a month so you can see how it's changed, and also seeing how all of the other party participant's projects have been growing over the months. The top photo was where we got to last time as a reminder for you, although if you want a really detailed recap then the October, November and December posts are all linked up for you. 

This last month things have progressed relatively slowly as the blanket took a back seat to all of my Christmas projects (the embroidery for my Gran being the main focus). I did finish the first band of three rows of triple granny stitches, and also started the second wave of double crochet rows. I am trying to mimic what happens in the centre granny squares, but in a border-ey sort of way. 

This blanket has started to remind me of rainy days spent indoors. It has quite literally not stopped raining this Winter. It rained whilst I was crocheting on the bus, it rained when I was crocheingd on Firle Beacon, it rained whilst I was sat in my chair crocheting and binge watching Criminal Minds and it is raining now as I type this post. Every morning I long for some sunshine so that I can take bright and cheerful photos of this blanket but usually I awaken to the same dull, dreary, dark day as before. Still, never mind, rain is a great reason to do absolutely nothing but watch TV and crochet with coffee and leftover mince pies for sustenance.

I have now started the final three rows of white treble stitches which I think should then complete the border nicely. Unfortunately, I am halfway through the second row and have completely run out of wool- such a bummer! So this blanket is again halted in a really inconvenient place until I can get into work and buy one more ball! How annoying is that!?! Just when I am on the final stretch to having a ta-daah for this blanket and I can go no further. Still, it will be finished by the time another party is published so I will have to wait for my ta-daah moment.

Ziggy is not impressed by any of it. Look at that little unhappy face, he is not liking the weather either. He has given up on going to every door and window in the house, hoping that out of one the weather will be good and now stays in all the time unless nature calls and he is forced to make a dash for it. Luckily he hasn't shown much interest in my blanket, otherwise he would likely try to use it as a towel for his wet fur. See you next time my friends!!

Edit to add: Don't forget to hop on over to the Winter Project Link Up Page and see what everyone else has been up to!!


  1. Hi Beth, thanks for linking in with my party. Your blanket is beautiful! I love the deep border you've added, it's very dramatic. I hope you've been able to get more wool by now. I understand how frustrating it can be to run out when you're almost finished. I hope you're having a good week.

  2. This looks fantastic! Poor Ziggy - hopefully he'll cheer up soon with some better weather :-)

  3. Well done, Beth! You are making good use of your rainy day time. I hope you have been able to get the last of the wool you need to finish the blanket. It is still raining here in the USA Pacific Northwest, as well! xx